Your Own Team of Specialists

Like many agencies, our organization strives to provide a "broad array of products and services to our clients". Unlike most, each of our people are highly specialized and focused in their own area of expertise.

While Winter-Dent & Company as an organization does many different things, our individual people do not try to be all things to all people. Our Specialized Service Divisions each include a team of professionals dedicated to the unique needs of their particular group of clients.

We began our specialization approach years ago by aligning our service teams along product type; such as Insurance, Bonds, Employee Benefits and Financial Services.

When we are serving you in multiple divisions of the agency, for example, if we handle both your Insurance and Benefits, then you have access to the knowledge and expertise of dedicated specialists serving you in each separate product line, all seamlessly coordinated through our organization as your Total Service Team.

As we’ve continued to grow, within those product line service divisions we’ve further specialized along type of client, such as Industry Niche for your commercial business needs, and Individuals and Families for your personal insurance needs.

The goal of our specialization effort is for you, the client, to be able to work with a group of people that have as much experience and understanding of your specific needs as possible, so that we can maximize the knowledge and value we bring to you.