Alternative Risk Solutions

Your own loss experience is a big factor in determining your future premium costs. That is true of all insurance.

But insurance also spreads industry loss experience around a "total risk pool" of sorts. This experience of many others you don’t know also becomes a big part of determining your own future premium costs, regardless of your own loss results.

Once you are engaging in other Cost Reduction Strategies such as Loss Prevention and Wellness, and the positive impact on your results is becoming clear, it can be quite attractive to consider retaining more of your own risk in some form of Loss Sensitive Program. Doing this takes a big piece of your cost outside the "world of insurance risk pool", and bases it instead on your own specific results.

As our clients improve their programs and work toward being best in class, Winter-Dent & Company can begin to bring coverage options to the table that allow you to more directly participate in the positive loss results we are working together to create.

We can help you determine what levels of retention are appropriate for a business like yours, and how receptive the insurance marketplace will be to the level of risk you may want to retain.

Depending on your needs and risk tolerance, we can assist with a number of different "loss sensitive" alternative risk solutions such as:

  • Large Deductibles
  • Retrospective Rating
  • Self-Funding
  • Captives
  • Specialty Program

Whatever the case, our experience and capabilities put us in a uniquely strong position to be able to help you create positive results, in conjunction with designing the loss sensitive coverage program that best fits your situation to be able to ensure it works to help reduce your Total Cost of Risk over time.

Used properly, these Alternative Risk Solutions can actually help turn your Insurance and Risk Management Program into a "profit center" of sorts, rather than just an uncontrollable insurance cost, helping you gain a consistent competitive advantage versus others in your industry.