Cost Reduction Strategies

Agencies don’t earn and keep their clients’ business by being a "high cost provider". Price matters, of course. Like us, many agencies can probably provide "competitive prices" and "quality service".

However, actually driving down your long term cost of insurance and risk goes far beyond shopping the insurance out every year and trying to find a cheaper rate.

Many of our long term clients will speak to the fact that our Cost Reduction Strategies have helped them dramatically reduce their cost of insurance over the years we’ve been together, as well as their out pocket cost of retained losses, loss of productivity and regulatory burden.

Cost reduction does begin with a well-designed coverage program and a quality insurance placement. What risk needs to be covered? What risk may make sense to self-insure? What are the most efficient deductible and retention amounts?

Our dedicated Marketing Department will help your Agency Service Team design a plan, and will approach some of our fine insurance carriers in a way that maximizes the value you receive for your premium dollar.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our agency has invested in a service structure specifically designed to engage with our clients and lower their Total Cost of Risk, including insurance premiums over time.

Going above and beyond the basic insurance placement in each of the areas we serve you is a key part of The Winter-Dent Difference.

We have a department in-house which provides Loss Control Services to our Property and Casualty clients. This is a major investment that most agencies our size cannot or will not make, rather choosing to rely solely on their insurance carriers’ recourses. We feel this is highly capable service at the agency level brings unique value, helps drive down costs for our clients, and in most cases, when we handle the insurance, it is actually provided at no additional cost.

Our agency Claims Services also set us apart. Part of your Agency Service Team will include a claims professional who has relationships with claims staff within our insurance company partners, and the claims experience to assist with difficult claims, and also to help control claims costs and their impact on our premiums. Again, this higher level of agency claims service is provided at no additional cost to the client.

Wellness programs are an important part of our employee benefits and health insurance Cost Reduction Strategy. Your Employee Benefits Service Team will help you engage the right Wellness strategy for your needs, to better control your cost of health claims and insurance premiums over the years to come.

These are some of the services we’ve developed with our staff of 50 associates. We also maintain relationships with quality outside resources that can be part of the solution to include consultants, TPA’s, Captive Managers and so on. Chosen wisely, these too can be part of your overall Cost Reduction Strategy.

Put simply, as your advisor we want to give you input on how to continually improve and reduce costs. Cost Reduction Strategies are an important part of The Winter-Dent Difference.