The Winter-Dent Difference

We are an Independent 100% Employee-Owned Insurance Agency so we are, of course, an insurance provider. Like any successful provider, it is a given our coverage programs must be "comprehensive" and our premiums must be "competitive". So, what really sets Winter-Dent & Company apart?

When we begin a new client relationship; whether a business, a family or an individual, from day one our core philosophy is to strive to become that client’s Most Trusted Advisor in each of the specialized product areas we serve them in.

In other words, while we obviously place insurance and other products for our clients with our many fine carriers, we never forget that our primary job is to always serve you, the client first.

It’s one thing to say it. But actually doing so year in and year out for our clients, allows us to build a trust and long lasting relationships, and allows them to begin to rely on us as a resource and an advisor for them, rather than just another place to come buy their insurance.

To that end, as we grow, we continually strive to increase the Specialization of our service teams along both the product lines we offer, as well as along the industry niches we serve.

We’ve also developed sophisticated Cost Reduction Strategies that go far above and beyond the basic "comprehensive insurance coverage at a competitive premium" insurance placement.

The Winter-Dent Difference, becoming each clients’ Most Trusted Advisor and providing valuable resources and services for them beyond the product placement are what have contributed most to the growth, success and enjoyment of the business we have built together.