Personal Collections Insurance

Personal Collections

Personal Collections Insurance customized for your unique assets:

  • Blanket coverage for jewelry or fine arts.
  • Broad coverage extended to newly acquired valuable items
  • Reduced rates for items kept in a safe, vault, or safety deposit box.
  • Agreed value payment for a loss on itemized scheduled items including up to 150% of the scheduled item when the market value exceeds the scheduled limit.
  • Coverage for items of the same class owned by others on consignment, borrowed or loaned to you.
  • Coverage for damaged that occurs to scheduled fine arts during repair, restoration or retouching process.

The team of Winter-Dent Specialists have years of experience handling the needs of affluent clients.  Our staff has risk management certifications and years of training on the unique exposures to the high net worth client.  Give one of our specialists a call and discuss your unique situation and let us customize a risk analysis plan for your review.