Solutions For Businesses

To best serve our commercial business clients, both large and small, Winter-Dent & Company has established specialized divisions in each of the following areas:

Each of these divisions offers a team of highly trained professionals who will work with you to understand the needs of your business, and what Winter-Dent & Company can do to help control your costs and ensure your company and its people are properly protected.

Our focus is not just providing insurance products to our clients.  We do this very well of course.  We always want to work with our clients to ensure they are getting the best protection possible for their premium dollar.

But building long term sustainable savings on a business operation's risk and insurance programs goes far beyond the basic insurance product placement. That "extra mile" is where Winter-Dent & Company can really shine.

It starts with understanding the business, and our staff is further specialized along industry lines so that we have good working knowledge of your operation's specific needs.

We have a process for each client to plan renewals and work together to establish carrier relationships to keep the program competitive long term, eliminating the frustrating surprises and the uncontrollable peaks and valleys.

As your business grows and changes we'll work together on Cost Reduction Strategies to help make your business as efficient, productive and safe as it can possibly be.

To be able to further capitalize on the investment you are making in your safety and loss prevention programs, we'll help explore non-traditional programs including Alternative Risk Solutions.

Let's start a conversation.  Whatever your business needs, we want to understand them and put together a plan to bring value to your company over both the short and long term.  And once we begin a relationship, it doesn't stop there.  We want to be a key partner in your company's growth and success for many years to come.