Industry Expertise

As Winter-Dent & Company has grown, we’ve had the opportunity to further specialize entire Agency Service Teams and Divisions around some of the major industry niches we serve.

We have found that this industry specialization approach brings additional value to the client because the team they are working with will have direct experience developing and servicing coverage programs for that client’s unique industry needs.

In fact, some of the personnel within these service divisions actually have industry experience themselves, rather than just a risk and insurance background, so they truly understand your business, as well as your insurance needs.

Insurance companies and other providers are often specialized this way as well. Certain carrier programs and underwritings teams are tailored to serve certain industry niches, so this industry specialization at the agency level marries up well with our carriers’ approach. This also helps drive maximum value to each of our clients.

Beyond basic policy service specialization, our marketing staff, who places the business, our claims people and our safety and loss prevention staff also likely has direct experience in your industry, and works with our similar clients on some of the same issues you likely need assistance with.

Knowing insurance and risk is a must for a good broker. Knowing your business too, allows us to bring as much value as possible to your coverage program and to your specific Cost Reduction Strategy as well.