Estate Planning

While it may sound like something only the wealthiest people need to worry about, estate planning is merely figuring out how you plan to take care of the people who mean the most to you. Your estate plan lets you legally say how everything you own will be distributed among your heirs. At Winter-Dent, we help clients develop a way to distribute assets in the most efficient and effective manner to accomplish their goals. This is done in a manner which meets our client’s objectives yet minimizes taxes and expenses.

Estate planning is a complex field that involves many areas, including wills, trusts, insurance, accounting, business continuation, estate, and gift and income taxes. It is difficult to find one person who is trained and licensed expert in all of these areas. Most often, the needed skills and knowledge are available only by bringing together an Estate Planning Team. The various members of your chosen team can then work closely with you to preserve your estate and pass it on to your heirs with least amount of expense and aggravation.

Winter-Dent professionals are trained in this field and will coordinate the team effort to help accomplish your goals and objectives.